In 2013 Janis turned her vision into reality. The goal was to create a group of talented, no nonsense, tenacious Car Girls and bring unique perspective to Automotive dealers. We pride ourselves in providing dealers with real solutions to drive more sales.

Our mission is simple; work hard, over deliver and build revenue for our dealers. 

Our team includes women who have held positions within dealerships including; reception, customer service, sales representative, sales manager, service advisor, business development manager, service manager and more.
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Janis Showers, General Manager/Owner
The last 4 years have found Janis dedicating herself to building The Car Girls. Helping dealers sell & service more cars, Janis has done a tremendous job increasing warranty and customer pay labour for her clients. Her expertise and creative approach to Automotive Fixed Operations Business Development is second to none and she is a variable specialist able to drive daily showroom traffic. She has also helped create many unique events and promotions for dealerships. Janis has spent over 25 years in automotive retail, more than 15 of those years on the front lines as a successful high volume automotive sales specialist, leasing manager, sales manager and sales trainer. She is a Certified Adult Educator and has trained automotive sales and business development from Calgary to Florida.  Janis is an experienced Automotive Private Sale Facilitator and has traveled to many dealers facilitating successful events. Formally trained in United States by the pioneers of automotive BDC, Janis has had the opportunity to work with many automotive brands on large and small projects.  A  long time advocate of getting more women involved in the 'car biz', you can find her articles around keeping women as employees and customers online.

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Kelly O’Neill, Customer Service and Team Leader
Kelly has been with The Car Girls from the start, and has managed multiple dealership’s service BDC’s. She has trained and mentored dealer staff, improved processes and established benchmarks and metrics. With over 25 years in the business, Kelly has seen it all – Sales, Service and Leasing. She has worked for both dealerships and leasing companies. She is also part of our team of top Private Sale Calling Specialists; her skills on the telephone are second to none. Kelly is a deal maker with a knack for getting potential customers to visit the dealership.

Deborah Marais, Sales and Event Hosting
Deborah’s wide variety of experience makes her a perfect fit for The Car Girls. Starting in reception, she spent 7 years at a large GM dealership, working in Service, Customer Care, New Car Sales and Leasing. Moving on, she honed her skills at a major leasing company, and later became top salesperson at an insurance call centre. A true entrepreneur, she has also created two successful small businesses. She brings a unique combination of determination, drive, organizational skills and dependability to everything she tackles. One meeting with Deborah will highlight her sales and people skills and her passion for the automotive industry. She is a genuine Car Girl!!



Jan Lewis - Dealership Account Specialist

Jan Lewis brings a wealth of experience in client services and human resource management to the table.  Through a community-based employment and training agency Jan has worked with The Car Girls for many years.  She has a history with use and understands our business.  We are so excited to have her on board and on our team helping our clients and employees.


Do you have a lot of Mandarin speaking customers? The Car Girls have a Mandarin speaking professional phone specialist who can help your salespeople generate traffic into your dealership. Raina can make calls from our call centre or she can come into your dealership to make sales calls. She is very successful in creating appointments and achieves a very high show ratio. Just the person you want helping you. Let's generate traffic together. Raina has been with The Car Girls for a year now. Graduated from BBA with Financial Concentration program and with years of teaching and hosting experience, she is good at communicating with customers in person and over the phone. She is fluent in English and Mandarin. 您的许多客户只说中文吗?The Car Girls有专业中文电话客服来帮助销售人员预约客户。Raina可以从我们的客服中心或者去您的车行拨打客户预约电话。或许,您需要的就是像她这样,能成功预约客户来到车行的客服人才。让我们一起带来更多销售机会吧


Marilyn Meloche has been with the car girls for 3 years and does an amazing job keeping us all organized and looking after all the data with over 40 years with Air Canada, detail is her expertise.

The car girls were lucky to bring Sheila on board with her amazing experience coming from the marketing awards industry where her attention to detail was essential. She now supports us with data and also like all the car girls she makes amazing phone calls.

Just like the business managers in dealerships Laura looks after all our paperwork.  Laura has years of managerial and customer service experience.  She started her career in hospitality which she still holds close to her heart.  She has worked with jewellery, tractor trailers and has been with The Car Girls since 2013.  She's also an amazing host at dealerships and helps out with the calls.

Barb calls herself the original car girl back in the days when she drove her boyfriend's Roadrunner around town. She loves making calls and loves working in dealerships and has a real knack for getting people into upgrading their vehicles. 

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Kim is a true ‘car girl’ and was hired when she was a student many years ago as the part-time receptionist by Kelly at the dealership she and Janis worked at and they ended up working together for years.  Kim graduated to working in Service and became an Advisor where customer loved her.  When the dealership needed to expand the business office they sent Kim for Professional Business Office training. This paid off and Kim went on to be a very successful Financial Services Manager and took her skill to the east coast of Canada where she worked at a busy import store.  What started out as a part-time job turned into a lifelong career in automotive retail. Kim bring her many years of experience and expertise about all the moving parts in a busy dealership.  She is a leader on our team and helps improve process and results for our dealers service and sales customers.


Amanda came to The Car Girls in early 2017 with a great attitude and experience in front line retail.  At 5” tall Amanda may be small, but she is mighty.  She was trained by the best in fixed operations BDC and she has become a super star when it comes to working with guests and booking service.  Most days you will find Amanda on site and on the phone at one of our Toyota client stores.  Amanda also keeps our schedule organized acting as a Team Leader in our off-site business development centre.  She is a fast learner and never hesitates to jump in, learn new systems and help get projects off the ground.  She is in familiar with Reynolds, CDK, Dealer Socket, Info Stream, Kombi, Auto Point & PDS.  Amanda like all The Car Girls is a dog lover and enjoys driving her little Nissan around town. 

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